Okra,100% Organic "HEIRLOOM" Seeds: 30+, Grown in USA - Eagle Art

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Okra,100% Organic "HEIRLOOM" Seeds: 30+, Grown in USA - Eagle Art

This is a Premium Strain

"Clemson Spineless" okra produces dark green edible pods suitable for use in culinary dishes around the world. Generally, Clemson spineless is a most popular variety on the market. This Heirloom produces high yields of spineless, tender ribbed pods and for better cooking purpose pick pods when they about 3inches long and tender. However, pods do get much bigger when left on the plant for collecting seeds. The pods turn into dry brown woody which is an indication for seed maturity. This plant variety keeps growing until the first frost, typically in north America the plants grow an average height of 8 feet or taller in areas with a long, warm growing season. Unlike other okra varieties, the leaves and stems of the "Clemson Spineless" plant are spine-less, which makes it easily accessible without any irritation while picking the pods.
Planting instructions: Seeds can be directly sown or indoor sown depending on the location. Seed germinates best when planted one to two weeks after the last average spring frost date, when soil temperatures reach 60 F. This variety takes about 60 Days to Maturity. Requires full sun.

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