Detroit Dark Red Beets, 100% Organic "HEIRLOOM" Seeds: 50+ Premium strain, Grown in USA - Eagle Art

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Detroit Dark Red Beets, 100% Organic "HEIRLOOM" Seeds: 50+ Premium strain, Grown in USA - Eagle Art

This heirloom beet is one of the most popular beets out there! The round, smooth roots are about 3" in diameter and keep well for canning. On the inside, these organic Detroit dark red beets are blood red in color, with virtually no zoning. Medium green tops with tinges of red can be harvested early and used for salad greens. It matures in 58 days.

Detroit Dark Red heirloom beets are vegetables that hail from Ontario, Canada, where a Mr. Reeves developed them from blood turnips. This globular beet first made its appearance in 1892. However, beets seem to have originated in the Mediterranean region, where people grew them for thousands of years. Later, red beets grew in Germany and Holland, where these vegetables were used as cattle fodder; they were later imported to England for this purpose, but the poor began to raise them for an affordable food source. American colonists later brought red beets to the New World, where they became a commonly enjoyed vegetable both for their roots and their greens.

Start with a light, moist soil, ideally with a PH level of 6.5 to 7. Sow the seeds half an inch deep, with three inches between plants and twelve to eighteen inches between rows. These seeds will need plenty of moisture while germinating, so keep the soil moist for the first twenty one days. These beets can thrive in conditions with full sun or partial shade. After forty to fifty two days, the beets should be two to three inches, and ready for harvesting.

Also known as beetroot and blood turnip, these beets are uniform in shape and flavor. They are known to grow in chilly Spring weather and are mostly problem free but sometimes get aphids or flea beetle. Control with insecticidal soap, pyrethrums, and good garden sanitation. Can be bottled or pickled. Perfect for canning. Cut up, blanche, and freeze in freezer bags. Pick leaves before any sign of wilt for tasty greens. A rich source of Iron, Calcium, and Vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, and Niacin. Heat and cold tolerant.

I usually include few more seeds in the package just to make sure you have a better germination rate.

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