Dumonde Tech Pro-X Freehub Grease One Color, 1oz

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Noisy drag in your free hub is not only irritating to listen to, but it also can suck the speed right out of your ride. The best way to zap your ride back into its old quick-rolling self is with a generous slathering of Dumonde's Pro-X Free hub Grease. This free hub grease is designed to work with free hubs that require lightweight grease, but more lasting lubrication than your light oil can provide. It's created with Dumonde's Micro Resistant Complex Compounds, or MRCC, to provide superior lubrication and friction reduction, while maintaining a light viscosity. Unlike some other greases that can get a bit gummy when the temperatures drop, Pro-X Free hub Grease has been built to withstand plummeting mercury with smooth rolling performance all the way down to -30 degrees F, which makes it the ideal grease for those looking to embark on snowy fat-bike adventures. Pro-X Free hub Grease is ideal for hubs that share lubrication between the free hub and wheel bearings, and Dumonde recommends that you follow your free hub manufacturer's specifications so you can be sure to dial in the perfect volume required to get your free hub rolling as smooth as butter.